Aspirator Harvester - Ciclope

The CICLOPE aspirator harvester is designed to extract small fruits from the ground or directly from the plant without damaging them.
Mod. C-001
Its height-built structure allows it to enter the orchard without touching or damaging the fruit plants while, with long pipes of 5mt (or 10m), operators can also pick up the farther fruits.

The ability to regulate the aspiration of the machine opens up the possibility of aspiring even the heaviest fruits or to pick them directly from the plant before they fall to the ground. The fruit contact details are all made of stainless steel so they can be washed without any problems.

The use of this equipment makes it possible to greatly increase the harvest while maintaining a high quality of the harvested product.

In addition, the harvester can be used as a floor cleaning machine to prevent crop rotation and production of pathogenic bacteria or pathogens that are harmful to the crop.


  • Work position: On back plate with distributors
  • Utilities drive: Hydraulic system driven by PTO
  • PTO speed: 540 g/min
  • Machine weight: 1050 Kg
  • ractor power requirement: >35 Cv
  • Ø Aspirator pipe: 100mm
  • Aspirator pipe leght: 5000mm / 10000mm
  • Aspirator pipe: 2
  • Sifting system: INOX wire belt

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