Our company offers a high quality after-sales service.

Our technicians, wherever in the world the machine is purchased, will assist the customer during the first start-up, so the customer can test the correct functioning of all the parts on the machine, with constant support and instructions from our qualified staff.


The machines produced by Pulcinelli Giovan Battista S.r.l. can always count on a first-class service, thanks to our technicians who, thanks to their proven experience in the sector, are able to provide technical assistance to the customer in the most suitable way: by going on-site, by computer or by telephone.

In addition to the technical assistance manuals, the user instruction manuals and spare parts catalogues, the technical documentation for each component of every model is available, readily supplied by our sales office.

The spare parts service offered by Pulcinelli Giovan Battista S.r.l. has always been a strong point in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our company has a large spare parts warehouse, ensuring the continuous and timely availability of any parts requested by our customers. Only with the purchase of original spare parts can your machine maintain the same performance and efficiency throughout its working life.