SPRAYERPUL treatment arm

nnovative arm used to give anti-parasitic treatments, with a brand new weight distribution concept that allows, with due diligence and the adjustments made by the technicians of our company, to mount this unilateral arm, which in addition to the remarkable lightness compared to A dual-arm classic system, is considerably more agile in handling operations, allowing the tractor to run even under reduced space, and also covers every single corner of the cultivated area.

he arm is built on 3 sectors, for a total length of 13.0 mt. , But on request we also do lower measurements, to fit in the best possible way to the needs and demands of the customer.
The arm is equipped with a 600 lt. Main tank, with system washing system and polyethylene sink system, also equipped with a 29 lt.
The movements are entirely controlled by an electro-hydraulic system, and the flow system is fully computerized and can be driven from the inside of the cabin of its tractor.


  • Arm for treatment in painted steel from 4Mt. 13 to 3 areas.
  • Upon request also lower measurements.
  • Main tank, plant wash and polyethylene wash basins.
  • Pump 20 ATM - 140 LT
  • Electro-hydraulic movement control unit.
  • Shaker for the product.
  • Washing inside tank and plant.
  • 3-point attack.

Machine at work video