Utility Truck Powerpul

The Utility Truck Powerpul  is a self-propelled equipment designed to meet the needs of farmer who work in small spaces or an prohibitive slopes.
Mod. PP-001
The worktop is 360mm high from the ground but can lift up to 650mm thanks to the elevated parallelogramma tracks.

The treadable platform has a surfaceof 2500x1800mm and can accomodate up to 5  operators.
The machine can work on slopes up to 29% remaining with the floor  perfectly horizontal.

Ideal for those who cultivate table grapes, kiwis, peaches, apricots, smal pieces of fruit, olives and any type of crop requiring a multi-porpose vehicle.
Usable both during pruning and harvesting.


  • Model: PP-001
  • Command post: one the worktop by hydraulic lever
  • User commands: Hydraulic plant driven by gasoline engine
  • Engine: Honda GX390
  • Power: 8.7 KW (11.7HP/) /3600 rpm
  • Engine rpm: 1500 / 2350 /3600 rpm
  • Weight: 1050 Kg
  • Elevation: 360mm - 650mm

Machine at work video